Why Are Rugs So Important for Home Decor?

Rugs can give an instant life to otherwise dead room. They give comfort and warmth both to dweller and the visitor does not matter what type of rug is used. The wide variety of rugs, available at stores like Your Rug & Rugs, gives you unlimited choice to select a rug that perfectly suits all your requirements. Be it modern rug or Oriental rug, you can easily find the best rugs in Canada.

Add Beauty and Style

A rug in a room is always bound to cast its spell. It is beautiful addition to any home décor. After a long tiring day, isn’t it so refreshing to come back to a room which is lively with colors, texture and patterns? Also, if you want to rent your space but don’t want to spend much on renovation, just add a rug and freshen up the area.

Play or Relax on Floor

It is not comfortable to sit on the hard floor but if you are having a rug, it is soft, smooth and fun to relax on the floor. It is especially helpful when you are having toddlers in house. They can easily use it as their play area without getting hurt. Hence, just by adding rug on the floor, you can increase the utilizable area of your home.

Noise Reduction

As we walk on floor or work or drop something on floor, the sounds sometimes are very irritating. Adding to this, televisions, speakers and phones make our homes a noisy place altogether. Fortunately, rugs tend to absorb sound and help in noise reduction. So thanks to the carpet, you can relax like never before!

Keep Warmth of House

Rugs on the floor can actually help you in cutting down heating cost. Rugs are easily warmed and stay warm for longer duration than the cold floor. Bigger the better! The rooms get warm quickly and hence energy / heat is saved. Thicker wool or nylon rug is especially helpful in colder regions.

Non-Slippery and Safe

Hard floors are often slippery and can cause injury if we slip or fall on ground in mistake. Rugs provide this protection and keep you safe from getting hurt. Also, for long standing jobs like cooking or ironing, the rugs under your feet provide comfort and don’t let your feet ache.

All in all, Rugs provide both luxury as well as functionality. So, it’s always a practical choice to have a rug in your room.

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