Should You Replace or Repair Your Roof?

Your roof has sustained some form of damage. Now you’re wondering what it’s going to cost to repair the problem and when you find out how much you could be paying, the next question you may be asking is whether or not the repair makes sense over a full replacement of the roof. If you’ve found yourself muddling through this quandary or fear such a decision is looming on the horizon, here are some things you should consider to help you make the right choice.


If your roof is only five or six years old, then repair is probably the best option but you’ve been living in a home with a roof nearly two decades old and there are still a couple of years left on the warranty, then you should probably lean towards replacement instead. A roof that is very old is likely to start showing other signs of wear and tear, making it easy to damage again.


Most homes are not allowed to have more than two layers of shingles on the roof due to certain building codes and laws, which you’ll need to keep in mind as you weigh your options between repair and replacement. Tearing away older shingles is typically a much more expensive proposition than simply layering over the layer that is already on your roof. Just remember, those building codes.

Water Damage

A roof can take a lot of punishment but if there is water or moisture damage underneath the layers or along the roof supports, you can’t just add new shingles to fix the issue. A replacement may be the only way to eliminate all of the existing damage so your roof is secure and your home is safe from the elements.

Repair Needs

What portion of the roof is damaged? A few smaller areas here and there are usually easier to repair and you may even be able to do the work on your own. But a larger portion of the roof might mean you should opt for a replacement instead. Assess the situation yourself or have one of our professionals from KTM Roofing of Atlanta show you the extent of any damage and if more than 25-30% of the roof is in need of major repairs, it might be time to replace the whole thing.

Increased Costs

So let’s say you’re looking for a full replacement that could cost extra right? Well, it may not be as cost-prohibitive as you think and it might get you additional value to pay for an entire replacement over a repair of just one portion of the roof. Some repairs could cost as much $4500 but if you get an estimate of around $6300 for a new roof, the difference in cost may be negligible by comparison.


While you’re teetering between the options to repair a damaged roof and replace it entirely, give a thought to the gutter system as well. The condition of your gutters may be the thing that puts your decision in clear focus, since the installation of new gutters might require removal of the old ones at which point your contractor can put in a roof while replacing the gutters at the same time.

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