Steps to Take When Renovating Your Home’s Attic

More people are wanting to renovate their attic to create more space on the property that can be utilized by the residents. When it comes to transforming the space, there are several tips to follow to create a comfortable environment that blends in well with the rest of the home. Here are a few steps to take to ensure that your attic can be used as more than a place to store your boxes.

Follow the Right Codes and Safety Rules

The attic needs to follow the right codes to ensure that it’s safe to spend time in. At least half of the attic needs to be at least seven feet high and seven feet wide. Get the help of a local building official to determine how to implement the rule in your attic and how you can make use of dormers to help if the height of the ceilings or walls is not where it needs to be.

Create a Pathway

Making the attic easy to access is necessary to make it functional when it’s in use. You may need to remove rafters to free up the vertical space in the room. Extra headers will need to be installed to ensure that there’s adequate headroom.

Add Extra Room

Those who want to add extra room to the attic can consider installing a dormer, which will also add more natural light to the space. You can also consider removing certain beams that may be in place to create a spacious interior setting that makes it easier to place furniture items in certain areas.

Install Insulation

An attic renovation will require you to add extra insulation to create a climate-controlled setting that doesn’t become too cold in the winter or too warm in the summer. You can also add overhead ceiling fans and windows to make it a comfortable place to enjoy. Consider splurging on spray foam insulation, which has a tighter air barrier and will insulate areas that are hard to reach.

Attic conversions are worth the time and energy that they require because they have a high return and will boost the value of your home. With the right steps taken, you can transform the setting and make it enjoyable to spend time in throughout the year.


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